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Creativity is essential when decorating a themed party. At our venue we provide various styles of decoration, some of which are listed below.

The Rose Party
Imagine the wonder of a party venue decorated entirely with roses in various shades, where colours and smells reign supreme. On the tables you will find different sized candles set among rose petals.

The Black and White Party
Female guests wear white and male guests wear black. Tables are set alternately in black and white, with black candelabras on the white tables and white candelabras on the black tables. Within this monochrome setting we provide various themes that complement the atmosphere.


Following on in the non-classic themes, we are able to provide other attractions such as old horse-carts, or antique carriages and cars.

Classical Dinners
The location of the Central Palace Hotel goes back as far as the time of the Knights Templar, so this is the theme used most often for parties in our main hall. Waiters are dressed in clothes reminiscent of the era, and the cooking and decoration are also influenced by the theme.

Mystery Dinner
It's a play; All play a character. It is 100% interactive. All are suspects; Only one is the criminal. It's a game; Everyone has to find out the killer. It's a time travel!

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